About us

Foldeeze brand of electric and carbon fibre folding bikes is owned by Take 2 Technology Ltd which was founded in 2010 as a supplier of the latest innovative solutions, partnering with worldwide factories and maufacturers.

Foldeeze was established to provide the lastest folding bikes manufactured from the lightest materials, highest quality components.Foldeeze bikes are the lightest folding carbon fibre and alloy electric bikes designed for the ultimate experience for riders supplying electric bikes that are light, compact, durable, flexible and affordable prices.

These bikes make commuting for students and city workers easy, allowing the user to travel quickly to their destination and the conveniently; swiftly folding up their bike on arrival and placing it into a travel bag for carrying or storing after arrival.

Foldeeze is a brand that represents quality and service with a team of support staff that can be contacted for questions or technical issues relating to the bikes or the recent purchase.